A Mobile App & Custom Development

Dehired is a unique service aimed at recording accurate equipment dehire dates indisputable by either equipment hirer or end user. Monitor or access all your historical equipment hire commencement and dehired dates in one location 24/7. This unique service is focused on reducing your time providing peace of mind knowing equipment has been dehired.

Our Approach

Work closely with Dehired on the design and development of www.dehired.com.au, improved user experiences and the development of key functionalities including mobile app, world first patented  dehired portal , ongoing optimisation and enhancements features built through to implement a design of  online marketing  web solutions.

Custom Web Development

Design, Develop and implement world first patented dehired portal platform. 10 months project including starting from ground up coding and development of mobile apps made available on Google Play and iTunes App Store.

Responsvie Web Design

Design , Create Dehired’s website adapts to the device of different users, whether it is tablet, iPad, desktop or a laptop. It adjusts the website given the dimension of specific devices used to browse the website.

Mobile Application Design

Either IOS or Android mobile smart phone or tablet, Dehired is completely mobile, the mobile app allows users to send and receive both SMS and email dehired notifications. And provide access to historical equipment hire data.

Desktop Access

Dehired operates seamlessly with any computer by simply logging into your account through any web browser providing the same flexibility as the mobile app allowing users to access historical equipment hire information along with the ability to send and receive dehire notifications on premises.

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